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how to make friends at work

How to Make Friends at Work

Occasionally it’s nice to get away from your work colleagues at lunch but let’s face it, no one wants to be the person who regularly sits in the corner alone, munching on their grub and pretending to text on their phone. Most people want a…

how to keep fit at work

How to Keep Fit at Work

Whether you work a shift pattern and have to avoid a late-night donut or you work in a desk job and keep being offered your colleague’s birthday cake – keeping weight off in an office environment can be tough. A study last year by Wonderful…

Scary Jobs in the UK

It’s almost that time of year again. Pumpkins will be bought, scary movies are about to be dusted off and confectionery will be stocked up on in preparation for the holiday. And as Halloween approaches the team at Jobulo look at some truly terrifying jobs…

Top Three Scariest Jobs in the UK

Halloween is the scariest time of year, that’s for sure. Pumpkins are carved, gruesome outfits are bought and horror movies are lined up all over the country in preparation for the event. And Halloween has become one of the biggest holidays, worth over £300m in the UK! To join in with the spooky events, the team at Jobulo have been looking into some of the scariest jobs in the UK and whittled it down to just three.