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Three Questions to Ask a Recruiter

19917612_mIf you are job searching, you may consider contacting recruitment companies to help you find employment. If you are planning on making a call to a recruiter about a particular job opening then there are a few questions to ask to ensure you are not wasting your time or theirs. Here are three questions you should be asking a recruiter when inquiring about a job role:

What Does The Job Involve?

If you are phoning to speak to a recruiter because you have seen a job advert, then one of the first things you should ask them is what the job involves. Although the job advert will have the main responsibilities of the job and general duties listed, it’s crucial that you ask for more information before you put your CV template and cover letter forward. Read the job details and make a list of possible questions including working hours, office location and details of the remuneration package. Understanding the job role in more detail will not only help you to highlight key skills that are relevant in your CV and match them to the job, but it will also help you decide if it’s the right career move for you.

Why is there a Vacancy?

Asking a recruiter why there is a vacancy will help you to gain a real insight into the employer’s needs and the gap you may be filling. If it’s because someone has resigned then they may be looking to hire someone quickly. If it is because they are expanding then it can help you to create some possible job interview questions on the business and expansion plans. And if it is a totally new role then you can prepare some questions on why the role has been created. If it’s a new role you can also highlight your previous experience and skills and outline what you think you could bring to the company and how you could develop this new position.

What Are The Progression Opportunities?

If you are leaving your current job because there are not enough progression opportunities available then it’s crucial that you ask the recruiter what progression is available in this new role. If the company that is hiring does not have that much opportunity for growth and are simply looking for someone to fill a vacancy then you may not want to put your CV forward.

Asking these few questions which hopefully help you to identify whether the job is the right career move for you and whether you should spend time applying for it. This should help you to streamline your job search and maximise your employment chances!