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Learning How to Switch Off Your Work Mode

24002005_mEmployees all over the country will be getting set to pack up their desks, switch their ‘out of office’ on and head out of the office as holiday season begins… Although many people will have taken their holiday time already, many leave it until the end of the year to relax and take time off. But for workers across the UK switching off from work tasks and social media is apparently tougher than it appears. A survey earlier this year by revealed that a third of Brits regret spending too much time on their mobile phone whilst away on holiday. Most of the people that were surveyed classed a smart phone as an essential travelling item and despite 83% of people using holidays as a way to forget about work, half of the people polled admitted to checking work emails whilst away. So why do employees find it so difficult to switch off from work? And what can you do to make your holiday time more relaxing? The Jobulo team have got a few tips on how you can make your workload more organised in the lead up to your holiday and hopefully you can enjoy a break from your 9-5…

To Do List

Setting up a to-do-list is essential if you want to be organised at work and complete tasks to  a deadline. A to-do-list can not only help you to keep organised and aware of what tasks you have yet to complete, but they can also help you to prioritise your workload and ensure you hit your deadlines. Set a to-do-list at the start of every working week (preferably at least a month before your holiday is scheduled). On a Monday morning set aside a few minutes to schedule out your working week with your to-do-lists. Whether you have a project that needs completing, an event to attend or an email to send to a client – note it down. Next divide your to-do-list into days and allocate tasks for each day of the week. Try to set yourself time frames too – so admin in the morning, meetings at lunch and creative work in the afternoon (or something like that). This will help you to work to deadlines and will give your working day more focus. Once you have created this you should look at the tasks within your to-do-list and prioritise them. If there are tasks that need to be completed before your holiday time ensure these go at the top of your list so you give yourself plenty of time to complete essential tasks. Any tasks that you feel can wait until after holiday, move to a ‘non priority’ list. If you stick to your to-do-list it should mean that your work is more organised and that you complete all of your tasks before you leave the office – meaning you shouldn’t have to answer work emails when away!

Share Your Workload

Whether you work alone and have a client list that needs looking after or you work as part of a team, you will no doubt have some tasks that need attending to whilst you are away. And this is why handing over your work to colleagues and making your manager aware of your outstanding tasks is essential. You should make your colleagues around you aware of what you are working on, how far you are with it and the potential queries that might come up in your absence. Handing over work is especially important if you are working as part of a team. If there are any issues the team need to know about or any tasks they need to tend to in your absence then ensure you let them know. Write a list of your ongoing work, write down any tasks you need looking at whilst you are aware and include any issues you think could come up. Giving this to your team mates and manager will ensure that they are aware of your current workload and it will make your life a lot easier when you return to the office!

Arrange Meetings

Arranging meetings with your colleagues and manager is also advisable before you go on holiday. Not only can this give you the chance to let others in the office know of your projects and work tasks, but it also gives them the opportunity to ask you any questions before you leave the office. This will be crucial when it comes to organising your workload on your return. During these meetings you should also discuss any plans you have for your return and start making some notes based on these. Having a to-do-list for your return should help you to de-stress on holiday; knowing all of your tasks are completed and you have listed all of your tasks for your return will automatically make you feel more organised. And this means less chance of grabbing your smart phone whilst away!

Set Out of Office

After you have completed your essential tasks, handed over your workload, arranged meetings with your colleagues and manager and written your to-do-list for when you are back you are almost set to hit the ‘out of office’ button! Before you do consider contacting any clients you feel may need to know of your absence and assure them you’ll speak to them when you are back at your desk.